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Any new tables soon?

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  • Any new tables soon?

    Hello! New to the forums (well..posting-wise. I've lurked for months now...). I love Pinball FX2 on Xbox and own all the tables. I'm looking forward to new tables on there but my bigger question is about Zen Pinball THD. I LOVE playing this on my Dell Streak 7! It plays beautifully with no real glitches to speak of except my habit of bumping the home button on the side while playing...LOL I am having serious withdraws though on tables! I guess I'm spoiled with almost thirty on the Xbox but I've worn out the four for THD... So my question is has there been any announcements or ANYTHING said about new tables soon?? It seems like it has been really really quiet since V&V came out in mid-December... the holidays got me through but I'm really needing a fix right now! You guys got me hooked! I'm officially a Zen Junkie!

    I know it's been asked before but I love what you guys do and can't wait for more! Keep em coming and I'll keep buyin em!

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    I think we're putting out Excalibur next, but I haven't heard a specific date.


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      Excalibur will be out tomorrow for Zen Pinball THD.


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        AWESOME NEWS GUYS! I love Excalibur on FX/FX2... Thanks for the replies!


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          Excalibur has been released!