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issues with right flipper with transformer prime TF201 (docked and undocked) with ICS

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  • issues with right flipper with transformer prime TF201 (docked and undocked) with ICS

    *kind of a double post but just wanted to make sure this was seen, so pls dont flame :P*

    ok, first, AMAZING pinball game, I'm really enjoying it, very seldom do i buy apps and i've bought every table you guys have available for my application

    ok so basically i have no issues with the game on the tablet if im pushing the sides of the screen, HOWEVER, if i connect it to the keyboard that can be bought for the tablet. the left arrow works great for moving the LEFT flipper, however the right arrow on the keyboard does nothing

    I went through all the keys on the keyboard to see if anything makes the right flippers move and i dont see anything that works, also it'd be nice to have a keymapping in the app so people could associate what key they want to initiate the action with

    IE: i could make A be the left flipper and L be the right flipper for example

    actually update -

    since i connected the app to the keyboard even if i UNDOCK the device the right flipper is not even working now even if i push the screen where i used to; hrmmm....

    another update -

    i undocked - power cycled - booted back up -

    the left flipper works fine (lower left hand corner in landscape mode) BUT the right flipper is activating on top of Loki (if you are playing thor), to give you a visual idea where you have to push for the right flipper to work.. crazy!

    im going to uninstall and try reinstalling and hope i dont lose all my paid for boards..

    please advise.

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    slight update - tried fantastic four, undocked it works (after flipping through the video modes), but with it docks, the left fipper works and the right flipper only works on the screen, so definitely an issue associated to key mapping/touch screen / and possibly ICS, i saw some people with other tablets were experiencing issues also, like the xoom, tf101, etc, so perhaps the common denominator is ICS

    i look forward to seeing your updates so this is fixed