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Epic quest: Lost all my xp points , Loot etc. !

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  • Epic quest: Lost all my xp points , Loot etc. !

    I just found out my over 50000 XP points, Loot' and my Levelpoints (51) are gone in the Epic Quest table?!?
    I'm p*ssed of right now !
    Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    A friend of mine using a Sony Tablet S isn't able tot save his stuff on Epic Quest at all b.t.w......

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    Some users have experienced this on Pinball FX2 on Xbox 360, better put this in a bug Thread if 1 is available.

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      I would like to know if there was a fix for this I seem to be having the same problem recently. I have the Acer iconia a500.


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        I don't know of a fix (or cause) off the top of my head, but I will look into it for you!


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          I have figured it out!

          Hey I want some free tables for figuring this out...

          if you:
          • start a game
          • pause
          • let your tablet go on standby or make it go on stanby by pressing the power button
          • power back up
          • resume game (you might here double music)
          • play the game
          • Next time you play all of your stats are gone.