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Playing Zen Pinball on portrait display with sixaxis gamepad

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  • Playing Zen Pinball on portrait display with sixaxis gamepad

    I've set up a descent configuration to play Zen Pinball recently:
    • ASUS Transformer Prime
    • DELL display in portrait mode
    • PS3 SixAxis controller

    Check the attached files to see how it looks like.

    The only issue is forcing it to be in portrait mode, as if I choose portrait in Zen Pinball settings, it appears upside down, so I have to choose Auto and place the tabled vertically so that I get proper portrait layout. Can Zen Studios add an option for 180 degrees rotated portrait mode?
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    Holy moly! This is awesome!! I'm sending this to the team


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      Thanks =)

      Another thing that would be nice to get supported, is the analog plunger control from the gamepad. Right now it shoots at full strength by default and it's impossible to make skillshots with the default gamepad configuration.

      It can work like this: when the button is pressed, plunger goes down slowly and fires once you release the button.

      I was able to achieve it by using third-party applications that map hardware controls to screen touches (USB/BT Joystick Center 6 and Sixaxis Controller that you can find on Google Play). With these tools it's even possible to map analog sticks to the swipes on the screen so that you get the fully analog plunger). When playing with keyboard I map it to arrow or wasd keys (d-pad equivalent in USB/BT Joystick Center 6) and it's possible to control the plunger power by the amount of time you hold the button pressed.

      Still, the native support for this would be much appreciated.

      What I love is that Zen Pinball has its own rotation support that is not related to the Android native rotation, because when you plug in HDMI, it forces landscape layout that is impossible to override on the system level. It makes impossible to play Pinball Arcade in portrait mode on the external display via HDMI, but Zen Pinball works great except the need to set rotation to Auto and put the tablet in portrait mode to match the external display rotation.


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        that's what I am looking for...!!!!
        I only have an Acer A200 and this one has no HDMI Output. I have plugged in a Sixaxxis Controller and this is much better than the touchscreen. The touchscreen fails too often...
        But I can't test HDMI so I am very happy to see that this works. I plan to create an Virtual pnball Arcade Machine and I am wondering if it is possible to add ZEN pinball beside Visual Pinball and Future Pinball. And now we can see it is possible!
        Hopefully Zen releases ALL fantastic tables for Android....
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