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  • Compatibility on Android devices

    Is there any word on when this will be available on the non- Tegra Android devices? I can't wait to try it out.

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    Yes we really need Zen Pinball to work on other Android devices not just tegra.

    My galaxy note needs Zen Pinball!!!

    Whats the latest Zen?


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      We do have plans to publish on non-Tegra devices. I will be sure to post when that happens


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        If we have already bought the THD versions of the tables, will they be playable on the non THD version of the game?

        I am interested in the Google Nexus 10 but it's Exynos 5 processor, though powerful, would mean a lot of the games I currently have would not work.


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          Zen Pinball on the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket?

          I see Zen Pinball is supported on the Galaxy S2, but not on the "Galaxy S2 Skyrocket"? From what I understand it's the same phone, just a faster/different CPU than the regular S2? When I go to the Google Play store I see:

          This app is compatible with some of your devices.

          Asus Nexus 7 (last used February, 2013)

          AT&T Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I727
          This item is not compatible with your device.

          I'd be happy to test if there was some way to get it on my phone.


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            The Galaxy S2 is a particularly problematic device for games. Samsung did this weird custom version of Android to deal with dual cores before Android officially supported it, and there are also so many different hardware versions of the S2. We automatically filter devices based on various compatibility factors such as OpenGL texture handling, and it is entirely possible that it's incompatible because of one of those things. Also, it could be that we require the ICS (4.0) version of the OS. If Samsung hasn't released an update for your phone, the only way you could get around that is be installing a custom ROM (and of course we can't recommend that you do something that has the potential to brick your phone).