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Should ZP have a full portrait mode on tablets?

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  • MrDaaark
    Yep. And when the game is set to auto, flipping the screen needs to stop triggering the plunger and firing the ball.

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  • SAK
    I really think that this should be fixed and there should be an option to move the special activator button (it's more than annoying to open the ramp on the Hulk table for example). The portrait mode is nearly useless the way it is.

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  • iCub
    started a poll Should ZP have a full portrait mode on tablets?

    Should ZP have a full portrait mode on tablets?


    The poll is expired.

    Zen Pinball on Android tablets allows you to play in portrait mode. However, though the game is in "portrait" the tablet remains in "landscape" with the Android task bar running down the left side of the screen. Full "portrait" mode would move the bar to the bottom of the screen, as it does in most games and applications.

    I personally find this very irritating as it makes it far too easy to miss the left flipper and activate an Android feature instead. Not only that; valuable screen viewing space is lost on the playfield with this narrowed view. For instance, when I play Epic Quest on my 7" ICS tab, I am not able to see the Knight fully. If the task bar was moved to the bottom of the table, there would be enough room on the screen to view the whole table width. Meanwhile, the space that would be lost at the bottom of the screen would only obscure the bottom edge of the table where there is nothing interesting to view anyway.

    What does everyone else think?