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Zen Pin HD Swarm Friends for Android

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    New player here -loving Zen! username flashingblade


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      username: Anibus

      u can add me as a friend..
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        My swarm ID is my name Jim OBrien ( minus the apostrophe of course ).
        Bonus multiplier goes nuts on drains


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          swarm = jmash19


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            swarm friends!? bit l8 but here i am

            My i.d is rybones! I'm sure i know or already have you lot on my list. Don't ask how i got near the top apart from agreeing to be friends ,i'v no where near as many real friends!


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              hi my swarm nick: Unhuman


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                Swarm friends

                Hi all, looking for Swarm friends, relative newbie on Civil War, Spiderman, Avengers, World War Hulk tables.

                Swarm name: fenfool


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                  It's no fun playing pinball without friends! Please add me: optimistprime


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                    Great idea, even though I'm never going to beat anyone here I'd imagine But what the hell, what is pinball friendship for? A little competition is always good, even if you lose, so go ahead and add me too!

                    Swarm ID: Werkaster


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                      Also looking for Android friends

                      I know this thread is crazy old, but it exactly matches my questions so I'm posting here instead of junking up a different thread or starting my own.

                      I've been playing Zen Marvel and Zen Star Wars for Android for years. I have watched my empty friends page and team score pages load and always figured that someday I would figure out how to join the fun.

                      Today is that day.

                      My form I'd and Android game ID are both - stevalee

                      I hope someone will avail themselves of my multiple leaderboard scores and add me as a friend



                      Originally posted by MarkItZeroSmoky
                      Hey guys, noticed there wasn't a thread started for this yet, so i'll start one.

                      Need some swarm friends for friendly high scores competition. Although theres no multiplayer (at the moment) there is still a leaderboard for your friends, and even though I can't play too seriously on my phone, its always a good incentive to have some high scores (besides those ridiculously high top 10's, lol) to try and beat. So if anyone's looking for a little friendly competition, feel free to add me on your swarm account.

                      Swarm/Android Mobile ID- MarkItZeroSmoky
                      PSN ID - MarkItZeroSmoky

                      Add me to both if you like! And let's get it on!