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Cross Platform Purchases from PS3 to Android (Google Play)

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  • Cross Platform Purchases from PS3 to Android (Google Play)

    Sorry If I missed this post somewhere but I was curious if we have already purchased all the tables on PS3 and want to now re-download the ones we own on Android, would we have to purchase them again? I believe the answer to this will be yes and it's not too much of a crisis at $0.99 a table, but just wanted to make sure!

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Oh ya you are right. No way to join those two accounts. Two different formats. As far as i know only the vita and ps3 do that and or all android or icrap! Sorry apple fans!
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      You are correct! You will need to buy them again, because Google wants their money (Google gets a piece of the sales). Only the PS3 and Vita versions support Cross Buy, which is a Sony program to get people to buy the Vita.

      Keep in mind, that the $0.99 per table is only for a limited time. The regular price for each table is $1.99.