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Why no Zen Pinball 2 for Android?

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  • shogun00
    There's very little difference between the physics engines across the platforms. Zen Pinball HD for the Android is based off of the Pinball FX 2 physics engine. It's the same for ZP2 on the PS3, Vita, Mac and Wii-U.

    Trust me! You don't want to play the original ZP1 that was on the PS3. The ball physics were really wonky.

    As for the expanded tables, you will eventually get them. They should work perfectly with Zen Pinball HD on the Andriod.

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  • scottchiefbaker
    started a topic Why no Zen Pinball 2 for Android?

    Why no Zen Pinball 2 for Android?

    I'd like the updated physics, and the expanded tables that are available on Zen Pinball 2. Are there plans to bring Zen Pinball 2 to Android?