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  • Zen Pinball HD Samsung Galaxy S3 thread

    I thought I'd post this thread, with some thoughts about how each table RUNS on the Galaxy S3. Feedback and reviews are certainly welcome and appreciated as well.

    Performance Scale: Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent

    X-Men: Fair - lags a bit at times. This table is very fast too, IMO, making it fairly hard, when combined with the occasional lag issues.

    Civil War: Fair - This table has the most lag it seems for me. It's mostly playable, and quite cool, but very not the smoothest table. The ball is also extremely fast on this table.

    Blade: Good - it seems so far. I just bought this table, so I haven't played it a lot, but didn't notice any real problems. The day/night effects are cool, but a bit hard to see at night on the S3.

    World War Hulk: Good - Great table that's very fun IMO. It plays very well for the most part, with only the occasional stutter.

    Captain America: Average - Overall, a great table that runs pretty well most of the time. Only the occasional lag issue that I've seen

    Thor: Good - Another solid table that runs pretty well. Very easy to see the ramps and such as well. Ball speed is pretty solid too.

    Paranormal: Fair - Another table that I just recently bought and haven't gotten to play a lot. Seems to start lagging a pretty good amount when a lot is going on.

    Tesla: Excellent - I really see very little lag on this table. Personally, I really like the table, but it does get a bit repetitive after a while.

    Epic Quest: Good - I really don't see that many lag issues. Love the table overall, but some of the missions are a bit repetitive. Still, like all the tables, IMO, worth the purchase

    Sorcerer's Lair: Average - Obviously an amazingly beautiful table. Because of everything going on, it does lag a bit from time to time. Nothing really bad though.

    Ghost Rider: Good - Plays pretty cleanly. I actually like this table quite a bit.

    Avengers: Don't own yet

    Fantastic Good - Table runs pretty smoothly. Easy compared to many other tables in that hitting a ramp is not that hard. Fun table overall

    Wolverine: Don't own yet

    Excalibur: Don't own yet

    Overall, I'm really happy with the game. I remember spending hours and hours playing pinball at the arcade back in my teens. I've played Future Pinball (great, free, simulator for PC) and just love being able to play my all time favorite, Cyclone, but the Zen Pinball game takes it to the next level for sure. If you are big pinball fan, you won't regret buying these tables. I don't own them all, and am definitely looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars tables. My only complaint, if you would call it that, is that the more interesting tables like X-Men and Civil War are kind of hard to play on the S3. Wish I'd known this game came out when it did, as I missed the 50% off sale, but it's pretty much all I play now on my phone.
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    Good thread but you forgot about two important things.

    Your android version. Not really sure if this has any impact on Zen but from my experience ICS 4.0.4. is the fastest, most gaming-friendly version. Good example being Reckless Racing 2 - runs perfectly smooth on ICS, barely playable on JB. I was using JB, all possible versions of it, decided to downgrade to ICS because the negative impact on games and general performance was little too big. Benchmarks also show a difference BUT it's just my experience and my opinion, maybe my model wasn't really lucky with JB?

    Your settings. These have a major impact on performance. I play with pop-ups and trails turned on, visual quality set to standard. Everything works really good, it's rare to spot a lag even during multiball. Avengers and Civil War are the only tables working *little* slower than the rest. Camera settings don't have any significant impact but some tables work smoother in portrait mode. For Blade night mode you should change your color scheme to brighter

    What else can i add....i hope my post will help you a bit. As for Star Wars, tables are really impressive. They look great and work flawlessly, i definitely recommend those.


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      I also play with standard visual quality (and also the ball trails and score turned off) - enhanced quality just slows things down too much for my taste.
      Standard still looks nice and plays a lot smoother on all tables - with that setting I have not noticed any performance problems on any table (except for the rare and short hick-ups where the game freezes for a fraction of a second but I doubt that is the games' fault).
      That is on a S3 (GT-I9300) with stock rom (Android 4.1.2).


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        I just wanted to add the tables I like and dislike on my galaxy s3 (Stock rooted 4.1.2 MB1)

        The Tables I like are :

        Hulk: love the rails and high scoring.
        Star wars the clone wars: By far the best of the three star wars tables
        Ghost rider: The best table I have tried so far
        Blade : The day and night modes are sweet.
        Avengers : Love that the different balls all have different bonuses.

        Table that are okay

        Epic Quest, Excalibur (great looking table), Paranormal, Star wars : empire strikes back

        Tables I just do not like.

        Fantastic Four : hate this table, I wish I never bought it.
        Star wars : Boba Fett : why does this table have to be so hard?

        That's all the tables I own, and I hope this helps someone. Peace