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Can't upgrade ZP on Acer A500

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  • Can't upgrade ZP on Acer A500


    I've been a fan of ZP for some time, and have bought many of the tables. I'm interested in the new tables, but for some reason I'm unable to update the game as I need to to get them. The game doesn't come up in the Play store search anymore. When I follow a link to get the Play store listing, I'm told that my device is incompatible. But the A500 is listed as one of the compatible devices.

    My tablet is up to date, and I've had no problems with the game before. Any ideas? I haven't read about anyone else having this problem. I'd appreciate the opportunity to continue to buy your products!

    UPDATE: Just noticed that the Play store thinks I have something called a Acer Picasso. Maybe you guys can change the permissions for the game to allow it on this device? I'll try to change how Play sees my tablet...
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