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Are these highscores really possible?

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  • Are these highscores really possible?

    I just noticed that someone(as guest-108b75f) has aparently scored 120 billion on Paranormal, 158 billion on Excalibur, 103 billion on Sorcerer's Lair and 124 billion on Tesla. While I know there a possibilities to score that high on Paranormal by grinding extra balls and repeating missions ad nauseum, I am not aware of any similar exploits on Tesla for example. Second highest score there is 1 billion, 3rd highest just 197 million.
    Are there any score exploits I am not aware of? How do you get that high in scores? Even endless grinding seems unlikely on Android without proper nudging and no game saves. So how are these scores possible? They seem out of this world.

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    I don't think they are possible. I looked up the pelayogrgi2c user name on Google and apparently a user with the same username belongs to a number of game hacking sites.

    I looked this name up after I saw his unbelievable score for sorcerer's lair. I could be wrong about pelayogrgi2c, but there is no way guest-108b75f's scores are legit
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      It seems these highscores have been cleaned up?
      Strangely enough though, the pro score still shows this player as no.1 with 500+ billion but he doesn't show up on the individual tables anymore.


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        He's back on the boards with over 30 billion on WWH and SL....intersting how his scores are within a hundred thou of each other across multiple tables...& thats not the only guy whos score looks fishy...not that i could get to the top positions, but its a little discouraging to try and go for all time high scores when there is (what seems to be) leaderboard hackers on there...bleh...cheaters suck...even jltc (jtcressy on android) only has 4 billion on SL...and we all know he's a top 3 player on almost all ps3 tables. I suppose i could be wrong, but man...30 billion is outrageous...geez how long would that game go on for?
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