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using ps3 purchased tables on android phone

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  • using ps3 purchased tables on android phone

    I love Zen pinball and have been playing the new star wars tables non-stop. My problem is I am never home and I just discovered that I can play Zen Pinball on my phone. I have 10 tables purchased on my ps3 but want to know if there is a way to add them to my phones Zen pinball app? Any help would be awesome!

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    the only way to add them is to re-buy them on your phone.

    they range .99-1.99 for android. kinda sucks that you have to rebuy them, but making the game on a completely different platform is almost like remaking the game. I think 2 bucks is fair for the tables, I have put plenty of hours playing on my phone.


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      I believe it's not so much that they spent time making the tables for the different platforms but more that they are distributed through different markets. If you bought the tables from PSN, why would Google want to let you download those tables from their service without them getting their cut?


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        An admin replied on another thread about the same question. They just don't do it. I would not mind paying a small fee to transfer or unlock already purchased tables to different media devices, similar to what rock band did when you buy a new version of the game you can pay $5.00 to unlock all the songs from your previous version. In the mean time I will probably just end up buying tables I dont have on my PS3 for my phone.