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Star Wars Leaderboard Scores different from Standalone and Zen versions?

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  • Star Wars Leaderboard Scores different from Standalone and Zen versions?

    I think I read somewhere that the scores for the Star Wars stand alone version are different from the Zen Pinball version.

    I was wondering how i stack up across all of the users on Android.

    Is there a way to see the scores on the standalone without actually purchasing it?

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    They're not too much different jaykrz...although I suspect hackers. 4.295 billion (give or take a million or two) seems to be a popular score among 3 players across multiple tables and thats even some force score contributions, lol.

    EpV top score 4.3 bil...with 4.296 & 4.295 2nd & 3rd. 10th spot 580 million.
    Clone Wars top score 4.3 bil, with 4.298 & 4.294 2nd and third. 10th spot 235 mil.

    (Shocker: all first thru 3rd place players on those 2 tables are the same id's...with pretty much same scores. Hmmm...)

    Bob's table appears slightly more realistic...same player in first as the other 2 tables...4.3 bil (again) but 2nd place is 348 mil with the top 10 rounded out at 140 mil. (2nd and 3rd from EpV & CW are missing from this board, but havent been on it since I first noticed these scores. The first place score is rather new)

    Are those scores possible? Of course. Is it likely the same players scored the same scores across multiple tables?

    Come on, 4.3 billion on ALL 3 tables? Oh, and that players force contributions are, wait for it....4.294
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      Ya its too bad when you look at the scores and see those bogus ones.

      Zen has to work with Swarm to get those resolved. There is no way they are legitimate.