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Android Request - Touch Nudging Schemes and Zone visibility toggle.

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  • Android Request - Touch Nudging Schemes and Zone visibility toggle.


    I'm still really pleased since you added nudge up for Android, but... 'The Pinball Arcade' just managed to go one up on you.

    They have just added 5 direction nudging, and also adjustable touch nudging zones ie different scheme's the user can select which control what areas of the screen do what and what size the touch zones are.
    They also have a toggle which allows a touch zone to be graphically visible during play via a translucent boundary box.

    This hasn't yet made it into the production release of TPA, but has been made available via an open beta and will go into public release at the end of July.

    Scheme A - with zone visibility switched on.

    This has 3 areas on the bottom row which are Left Flip / Nudge up / Right flip.
    The middle row has 4 zones -Left Nudge / Up Left nudge / Up right nudge / Right Nudge.
    The zone visibility toggle is on in this clip, and the boundary zones are identified with translucent frame as can be seen.

    Or Scheme E - with zone visibility switched on.

    Same zones as Scheme A but the flipper area is smaller vertically meaning your thumbs have less distance to move for nudging.

    There are 5 different scheme's currently with more to be added probably later on user suggestion.

    This makes a massive difference to control of play using touchscreen inputs.

    Any chance Zen could shamelessly copy this for Android?

    I love Zen on my Droid as is, but these variable area scheme's would add so much more.

    Thanks again.

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    im going to have to give this request a big

    + 1

    This....would be AWESOME!! alongside with native controller support (which tpa also had an open beta going last week and might be in same update, if not the next) barbie these additions...need to happen! do we have to start begging?
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      You have my vote on this as well. And, ahem Mr Barbour. Are you lurking on the TPA forums incognito? ;-)


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