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standard vs enhanced FX Quality

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  • standard vs enhanced FX Quality

    So I read that enhanced is aimed at tegra powered devices, but I would like to know specifically what quality wise are we missing with the standard setting? personally I can't tell them apart visually, but see performance hit with the enhanced setting.


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    It can be hard to tell on some tables, but for the most part, its usually surface reflections. Such as the ball reflecting off the playfield, any of the animated characters/objects and those reflections. For example on x-men, when magneto rips the metal plates or whatever off the table, before he sets them down, they will spin in the air for a few secs, and you can see the reflection on the table. There's a couple tables with constant playfield animation, like spiderman (on the marvel app) where the mysterio ramp looks like it actually has a purple mist floating above it. On standard graffics, the ramp is just purple. If memory serves, tables where the ball catches fire or changes color looks better. Other than that, i havent really noticed too much else. And although enhanced graphics are geared toward tegra devices, its not limited to them. My Galaxy note 10.1 has a powerfull enough processor and ram space to use it, whereas my evo4g lte does not. Overall the tables have a little more polish/shine to them, but by no means does it look bad in comparison. Its been awhile since i played on standard graphics, so i may have forgotten a couple other things, but thats the jist of it, as far as i can tell. Happy flippin!
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      thanks for the input. Surprisingly I can tell a difference in performance on my note 2 (and it has a bit beefier specs than note 10.1)
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      on standard its constant 60fps, and on enhanced it's smooth but not quite as much (must be dropping below 60fps)

      but good info nevertheless, thanks


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        Interesting. Your note II has a slightly more powerful processor and a different mali graphics processor. (that kinda upsets me too, lol, but the note 10.1 is a little bit older) I cant recall exactly where i read it, but i have read somewhere about the mali graphics processors and that some have issues with certain things performance wise. (forgive me it was a little while ago & i cant recall the exact article and or the specific problems certain apps were running into. Lame of me, i know). Could it be a difference in our screens res & types and the graphics processors? Idk im limited in my tech knowledge, so to speak. Ive ran the nenamark2 bench test on it & the average out of 5 or so tests were 58.6 fps. Honestly, my note runs super smooth on enhanced graphics. The tables play just as fast as on my ps3, and believe me, i got hundreds of hours across both platforms. I think ive only had slow down or stutter maybe two or 3 times, during a 4 ball multiball with the table lit up. Might have been a wizard reward mode or a fantastic four multiball, lol. What exactly does it do and how often do you experience it? Now on my phone, the frame rate definetly slows a bit, usualy when an incoming text or some background app is running. Try turning off your location services and auto sync. If you have a connection optimizer, kill that. Let it run on one service (3g/4g/wi-fi) thats never a prob for you and see what that does. I kno my phone improved doing that, but its not powerfull enough for enhanced graphics. Hell both our devices are more powerful than a few of the tegras. In fact, i had actually purchased an asus tf300 with a tegra 3 chip first because i wanted to make sure i was getting as much as i could since i knew i would be playing a ton of pinball on it, but i returned it for the note because, well the screen res was just awful. Anyways, see if turning off the background crap helps any. Otherwise, its not a dealbreaker on the game to just run it on standard.