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    by any chance can controller support be added? playing this on the shield is really bad, the only truly usable buttons are the LT/RT bumper buttons and the A button, the analog sticks do not nudge the tables at all and only the right analog stick moves the flippers.

    i DO have gameplay of the game on the shield too but not in HD, just the same camera i used for the 3DS videos. they will be up soon...along with i think a bug on the Fear Itself table.

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    We've talked about it. I think it will happen at some point but not sure when - a lot of people taking some well-earned vacation this month.


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      cool, i don't really expect it to be updated soon lol, im use to waiting for updates to games.

      is Fear Itself meant to do that at the start? and with that mission is it meant to hold the ball on the upper part like that?


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        controller support!

        Yes, a controller support is needed.... and with customization for any button... I have several joysticks, even the Ouya, so, I wanting for controller support and customizations.


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          Personally I've adopted to finger play on my Nexus 7 and like it a lot, one thing that could use an update is touch screen mapping for flipper and nudge buttons. I'm not against having controller settings and think that the more options you are given the better it will be.
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