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Poor pefromance and graphics on Kindle Fire 7"

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  • Poor pefromance and graphics on Kindle Fire 7"

    Hey, Zen. I've been a fan of ZP since day one, and have purchased every single one of your fabulous tables on my PS3 and even a few on my iPhone and recently picked up your awesome Humble Bundle deal so I could have a ton of your tables on my steam account.. I've always thought you've put out a fantastic product and are a team of extremely passionate developers. That's why it kinda hurts me to write this post.

    I recently received my Kindle Fire 7" HDX and was thrilled to find that ZP was on the Amazon app store. However, I'm pretty disappointed in the product that I downloaded. To me, the resolution is much lower than all of the other platforms I've played Zen on (it looks very chunky and like AA is very low or non-existent) but, even more surprisingly, the framerate on the device is simply unacceptable. I have to assume with all the power under the Kindle tablet (even though their Fire OS isn't as clean or optimized as a "traditional" Android device) that the problem lies within your application being very poorly optimized. I understand the product is free and encouraged by a DLC method (which I actually really enjoy), but I have no idea why I would even play the free table on this device as the graphics, combined with the horrible framerate, destroy everything that the "Zen" experience is about.

    I guess I'd like to know if, one, I'm crazy or my device is busted and this is actually an awesome application. Or, if that's not true, if you'll be updating and optimizing ZP for Fire.

    I'd love to have an answer. I'll always support you on PS3, but just wanted to express my disappointment in this particular adaptation.

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    Have you adjusted quality settings to High in the main menu "video" options? The game defaults to Standard when it is first started.

    In the techradar review of the product, the reviewer was playing Plants vs Zombies 2 and Riptide GP2 with no issues, so I would suggest trying to download one of the "big name" games and see how it runs on the tablet as well. That might narrow down wheter it is game specific or hardware specific.

    The tablet specs look perfectly adequate for running Zen HD.


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      I'll try downloading one of those to see about performance. And there is no such video setting in my Fire's ZP2.


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        It might be a legacy of when kindle devices were a bit under-spec. This menu is in Android builds. Even though Amazon heavily reworked their OS, kindle devices are accurate pretty high spec now, and should have this option.


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          Yeah it's not there. I downloaded EA's Real Racing 3 (a fully 3-D race sim) which runs wonderful with no loss of FPS, so I have to assume Zen was just not a fantastic port onto Kindle's Fire. I really hope that this version will get the proper treatment that it deserves.