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Time frame for immersive full-screen mode?

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    Originally posted by WOrLdWAr2 View Post

    It is just about the only thing I can think of that this game needs in terms of full Android games compliance.
    Reason I say that, because, other than Samsung devices (meh), pretty much every other android device by Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, Cyanogen, etc, have migrated to software nav keys from old physical nav buttons.

    Also a higher rate of devices have or are going to be updated/released with Android KitKat or higher, (compared to very SLOW adoption rates of ICS or Jellybean within a year of their release dates) so immersive mode will become more and more a need rather than an option for many entertainment apps, especially as Android L approaches.

    KitKat adoption is very real, only 10% of passing Jellybean devices within only 8 months since its release. This is good, and it's important since SDK/API 19 or higher, is required for immersive mode.

    So, the time is now to implement this and perhaps other things that Google Play Games/Services deliver that you guys think would fit the game. (which unlike immersive mode, GPG/GPService APIs are platform agnostic and are on 90+ percent of all android devices. Maybe you can add Google Play Games Cloud Save for "LOCAL HIGHSCORES", I bet this would be a low priority task on your list though or not worth the time since All Time Highscores are more important and GPG takes care of that bit, which is GREAT)

    Currently, I enjoy ZEN Pinball HD [and Pinball FX2 on Steam] very much, and adding this feature will make it even better.
    I agree with everything you've said here.

    As a comparison, all games I've downloaded in the last week have immersive by default. It would be a great thing for the devs to "slip in" while doing Android L compliance testing (once the libs are released).