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Question about ZenPinball & Bluestacks..

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  • jaredmorgs
    You're talking about Bluestacks app that lets you use HIDs as controllers?

    I know that a cheap BT keyboard I owned at one point cheaped-out and linked both shift keys to the same switch line. So there was no differentiation between left shift and right shift.

    I got a decent BT keyboard and the issue went away. I have used a Logitech Tablet Keyboard in the past, but have since switched to a PS3 controller and SixAxis

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    started a topic Question about ZenPinball & Bluestacks..

    Question about ZenPinball & Bluestacks..

    Ok so...playing on bluestacks...The left Flipper is activated by LEFT SHIFT, but Ive tried every other possible (I think).... and I dont think there is a key to activate right flipper.... only way is left clicking mouse, on the right hand side of the board....which can become a problem when my mouse/hand strays away and I do not notice. =/

    Does anybody whos encountered this know of a solution ? THanks