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Bang back possible with shake nudging?

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  • Bang back possible with shake nudging?

    I play on the nexus 7 but just can't seem to manage to do this successfully.Is there a knack to it? I have done it once or twice in 100's of attempts!

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    It's possible, but it's really hard to perfection on a mobile device. The first thing you want to do is go into the options and adjust the nudge sensitivity. The more sensitive it is the more easier it is to preform a hard nudge. The weaker the sensitivity the weaker the nudge will be, since the game can preforms both light nudging and hard nudging.

    Keep in mind though, that having the sensitivity increased also means that you will experience more accidental nudging, especially if you have a shaky hand.


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      Its pretty difficult. I think i've only pulled off 2 or 3 on mobile with shake nudge. Since they implemented upwards touch nudge its somewhat easier that way, but its still not something i can do consistently like on ps console versions. Its also easier on certain tables than others. Fear itself is probably the easiest to do bang backs/death saves. You can try the sensitivity slider, like shogun mentioned, but i personally dont feel it makes much of a difference.

      Since we're on the subject again, id like to make another request to barbie and the team for diagonal nudge, and ability to map touch controls to the screen, as the way farsight has done with pinball arcade. It really makes it easier for players to play in their own hand position comfort zone, and is especially helpful for those that play on large size tablets. It would really make the app that much better. (Que Jared Morgs to second the request )