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  • starting to see game differently

    I was hooked from the day I bought it, and along with a bunch of tables...

    but now that i consider myself an actual decently skilled player, who knows his tables inside out and who can manipulate ball , use flippers wisely/combos etc.... im starting to get deeply upset because no matter what table, what happens, what the circumstances may be.... (i usually wont continue to ball 2 unless i hit 15-20mil, ill just restart.) but it seems like it doesnt matter, restart or even if i score 37mil ball 1.... ill go thru balls 2 and 3 , picking up another measly 2 mil - 3mil total.....

    and im not exaggerating when i say that this is how it happens every single time..... Ill do really well on ball 1 and stay in it, move on to 2 and than bam.... if i dont double side gutter instanylu off of the launch than something else will happen soon....

    I really wish I didnt have to feel like all this is just turned into another run of the mill money bagger hoax game, where everything is truly close to impossible to enjoy or have fun playing, they just want u 2 spend money to expand and become better.... cuz i love pinball and especially these marvel tables but if i keep on getting these forced losses , literally losing balls off something so small , after i just beat 5 missions and every shot was on target, on par, but now i let it roll by my paddle ...... really? NO.


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    So..... are you mad at the fact you lose the balls yourself after ball 1 or do you think that the game is somehow cheating after you get a decent score on your first ball? If it's the latter then I'm afraid you're wrong and you need to brush up on your skills some more as although you do need a bit of luck to get a decent score, you need a hell of a lot more skill

    Keep practising man!