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    I've noticed that on the Kindle Fire, the different apps (I have the main app and the Marvel Pinball app), have been periodically giving 60 coins back on the purchase of some of the add-on tables (which are 199 Amazon) . The challenge is that these don't seem to be happening at the same time, and don't ever appear to be advertised anywhere. My interest would be in adding the tables to the main app so that I have them in one place. Is there anywhere where these sales/rebates are advertised, or could be advertised? I'd like to take advantage of the sales when they're available. I can't afford to buy everything at once!


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    Hi There,

    You know, we are wondering the same thing! It's not clear to us which provide rewards and which do not. I will look into this for you!


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      Any luck figuring this out? I noticed the Marvel tables are still offering rebates on the Marvel app, but currently none of the ones I don't own are offering rebates on the main app (including those same Marvel tables). That's a reversal from two weeks ago. Hope it switches back soon!


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        I guess this was a question for which no answer was ever forthcoming from Amazon, but I thought I'd mention that I noticed today that the Walking Dead Pinball app currently joins the Marvel and Star Wars apps in a rebate of 60 coins per table, bringing their cost down to 140 coins. All of the apps are offering these rebates except the Zen Pinball app. A month ago, the reverse was true. Hope it switches soon (or that we consolidate our IDs so we can download tables purchased on one app on the other!).