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  • Core Collection!

    The Core Collection (Pasha, Rome, Biolab and Secrets of the Deep) is coming to mobile on Thursday, November 13th! See our blog post for more details and a trailer!

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    Rock on!


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      Looking forward to these! Which of the tables are generally the most liked?


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        Originally posted by flashingblade View Post
        Looking forward to these! Which of the tables are generally the most liked?
        I would say Biolab & Rome would be the favorites of that set, but I would recommend checking out some let's play videos on YouTube and see what catches your eye


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          To follow up on my <older post> regarding the "missing" tables, let me thank you for this so much (I know, I know, you're doing it for the business in any case, but it's still a very welcome update from the user's perspective

          In fact to put the money where my mouth is, I immediately bought all four tables the moment they showed up on Android, despite, say, Pasha not exactly being one of my favorites.

          Now if only one day you could work out your Ms. Splosion Man licensing deals too... Oh well, one can still dream.

          That said, some of these tables could probably use a few sound normalization passes, say for example in Secrets Of The Deep, the voices are barely audible compared to the rest of the audio, while flipper sounds from Pasha could crack the glass tables around your house if you weren't careful with your volume. Owning 33 tables in Zen Pinball HD at the moment, the major sound inconsistencies seem to be limited to these four new tables (though there are few minor odd cases in the old lineup too, never as big as these). Played on <Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ / Android 4.4.2> with Dolby on, if that helps.


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            Happy to these on Google Play for some reason I play better on my tablet than on my PC.
            Bonus multiplier goes nuts on drains


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              Is a shame the solenoid strength direction wasn't implemented for these table DLCs. I've really enjoyed the stronger slingshot strength on the newer tables.

              That being said, Biolab and Secrets are keeping me busy.