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2 zen pinball HD on my phone??

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  • 2 zen pinball HD on my phone??

    Hi all.
    Need some help about Zen pinball hd application on my phone.
    I installed it last year and bought about 14 tables on it with Amazon... Recently I wanted to buy last tables like venom, or wild west.... But when I wanted to buy them the answer was "you must install the last patch to play with this table"

    Great but how?? It never made any updates of Zen pinball by itself so...?

    So I go to the playstore and, with some kind of surprise, I see that, for Google play store, Zen pinball wasn't installed on my phone... So I Re installed it with Google playstore and now? I have two applications on my phone...

    One is updated but without my 14 tables I have bought with the first one (And I don't want to pay for them twice) . And the other is not update able, and I can't bought any new tables with it?

    Little weird no? Is there something to do?