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Ipad games won't show up on phone

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  • Ipad games won't show up on phone

    I bought a lot of games on my iPad mini and decided to play them on my android phone. But when I logged in and hit the restore button. It shows no games to restore.

    Don't tell me I spent all this money on games to not be able to play them on my phone. I don't take my iPad with me. It stays at home. And I play the games on my phone when away. As I do with many other games. And they keep all of my purchases updated along with my progress.

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    Apple & Google are two different companies with diff os. The purchases will not cross transfer. If you had an iphone, you could purchase them once and play them on both devices.
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      Use to have a iPhone. No more. Got sick of not being able to modify the screens. Now I will stick with my androids.

      Too bad since I pad the company once thru apple ? That I have to pay the company again thru Google for the same game ! Even though I have the progress on my iPad saved on my google site.