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Facebook required to sync table purchases?

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  • Facebook required to sync table purchases?

    I usually play on PC but was quite surprised how smooth the Android version is, so I wanted to buy some tables. At that point the game warned me that if I don't have a Facebook account, I won't be able to sync my table purchases between devices. So I cancelled out.

    Is this really a requirement? I don't need or want a Facebook account. Won't the purchases sync through the Google Play store as well?

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    Ah, I figured out the confusion: The Aliens vs. Pinball app that is advertised inside of Zen Pinball lets you play one table for free and when you buy it in that app, it claims to require Facebook. But if you go back to Zen Pinball itself and buy the table from there, no such problem.

    Not so elegant to point to the other app in the ad, but I guess it's tied to advertisement revenues that come in from the AvP app so that one table is unlocked already.

    Moral of the story: I want to give Zen Studios cash, not eyeballs, so never ever go for one of the sponsored apps.