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  • Extra Ball Tokens

    So what's the story with the new Extra Ball tokens @BarbieBobomb?

    How do we earn them?

    How much are they to buy when we run out?

    How do they affect leaderboard postings?

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    Ah, you were quicker than me moving these questions over here...

    About purchasing coins: The only thing I noticed you get 50 of them when purchasing the WoP pack and I already had 50 of them right off the bat. I didn't see any option to buy them, but this might come when you run out of coins.

    After the last ball drains you get the option to use a coin to extend the game or watch an ad (only works once every 5 (?) min.) to get an extra ball.

    The leader boards accept scores achieved with the extra ball, I just tested it on Han Solo, where I didn't have a registered score before. The 4m score is after my 4th ball.

    I'm not happy with this change Makes even cross platform comparisons worthless, as those coins are not available on Steam (thanks to the pinball gods). I hope this stays like this.


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      By the way, those extra balls don't exist on the Marvel Pinball app on Androids.

      Similar tokens exist in "The walking dead" pinball app. There you can buy 3 coins for 0.74€ on your first purchase and with every purchase after that you get 1 coin more for your 0.74€.

      No possibility to buy-in with watching ads here.
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        I don't underhand why no one seem outraged by this. I stopped playing the day the tokens got introduced to the game and I saw that they could produce legitimate high scores without any sort of indication they were used.

        As a former record holder on a couple of tables I feel violated. I spent so much time and energy earning those spots and now any fool with deep pockets can take that away without even showing he cheated? Just put a * beside the score and the problem is solved. You already did the hard part and included an off option in the game for it.

        I don't underhand how the devs could do this, but at least make it clear now when it's done. I'm not one of those people who thinks games should be free. I bought every table until the tokens got introduced and I would've bought the rest if you had fixed the high scores. People shouldn't be able to buy the top 1 spot because they can't be bothered to learn the game. That's not the same as paying for a table or DLC.

        Can someone please back me up on this? Keep your tokens, but at least mark those scores for token usage, please. I will come back and buy more tables again and I think more people would follow. Until then I see no reason to play at all as the competitive component is gone.


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          Extra Ball Tokens

          Ive neer been able to have one extra in play per ball

          Eg..if i go for a right ramp extra first and then suroass 3 million i still have onky one extra ball? Or do i misunderstand the ruleset?