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Back bang and nudging on a phone and FPS

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  • Back bang and nudging on a phone and FPS

    I have been playing a few of the Star Wars tables on my S5 Neo. Been pretty frustrating. To cool off I go onto Youtube and watch this one guy play my tables. About 15 minutes in, the ball drains into the left outlane. Lo and behold! He lifts the left flipper and the table moves! Knocking the ball through the centre drain! He catches it with the right flipper! My face melts!

    I then find these forums and the Chewable C++ guides. Bang back? I have learned to nudge transfer but found the mechanics a bit sloppy. I go back into Empire and start practicing my nudges. Yep still a mystifying technique. Using the gyroscope is just no good, and I can't figure out the touch setting either, so I have switched to swipe. I have nudge transfer down but bang backs are not very easy. About 1 in 30 I can successfully accomplish, yet the players on PC and console almost never lose a ball to outlane drains.

    Now, I have heard that having a high refresh rate can affect the physics engine, causing low force. Some players are locking their monitor refreshes to a lower rate to benefit from a higher sensitivities. I have found on my phone that the framerate tends to go all over the place for various reasons. If I am connected to spotty WiFi, if background apps are running, etc.

    So, is the reason for poor nudging functionality on mobile devices due to the limited hardware causing refresh rate/framerate variability, or is it because I can't figure out in which direction I am supposed to be swiping vs. the side I am trying to bang back? Does anyone have this completely figured out? Can anyone explain comprehensively how nudging works on mobile devices.

    I feel like the devs who integrated the physics with the controls ought to publish instructions on how this is supposed to work (where the nudge zones begin and end for touch, which directions cause which particular movements for swiping, how to move the device for gyroscope). A practice module that simulates outlane drains for practice with this skill would be great.
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    I play on an android table and use a Bluetooth controller which helps nudging greatly. Before I got that I used shake nudging which was virtually impossible to pull off a bang back. I could never get the hang of swipe or touch nudging.