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  • Missing DLC tables


    I downloaded ZEN pinball on my iPhone 4 the day it was released after being a fan of the PS3 game. I bought both DLC tables through the in app purchase, downloaded and have played all 3 tables a number of times but today when I boot up the app the 2 DLC tables are no longer available (greyed out) and if I click on them it asks me if I want to purchase again.

    Nothing has changed on my iPhone since the last time when they were working fine even my recorded scores are showing up for the tables. The app has not been deleted or anything and the phone hasn't been synced during that time.

    I've tried powering down the phone but that hasn't made a difference. The only other option is to delete and re-install Zen pinball but it suggests that all data will be lost if I do this. Will the purchased tables be re-downloaded automatically if I delete the app?

    Any other ideas?


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    It's a bug, just download them again you won't be billed twice.


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      Thanks for that, glad it isn't just me. Thanks for the reply.