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    Howabout some of us band together for a kickass Team Score. Who knows enough of us together we might even equal Richard de S's high scores

    I'm evolve or die on open feint. Write below and what tables you've got a decent high score and i wil add you (coz we wouldn't want to let in any riff-raff now )

    I'm a Thor addict at the moment, trying to get back into the top three. Got bumped from fourth to sixth overnight, damnit.
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    Nautilus, it looks like you have a team in play. How can we join up? If ur open to that, of course!

    Edit : I'll start one and see if nautilus joins in. Not sure what happens if two teams connect.
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      I'm up for a bit of team action!

      My highest score is on the Thor table with 254m, however I'm hovering in mediocrity on the others!

      My name is Coffee_n_Donuts on everything: Openfeint, Game Centre, Xbox, PS3

      Feel free to add me


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        jeffy777 on GC
        jefferson777 on OF

        Add me on both


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          Coffee and Jefferson added


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            Oh, you are kidding me!!?!

            As far as I can tell there are no teams at all. All this stupid feature is how many friends you have playing zen. So if nautilus joins my team, his (pro?) score is added to my team score and vice versa when we become friends.

            Still pipe up and I'll add you. It's still good to see ppl's scores in the sections inside the app.


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              avore on GC
              avore- on OF


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                Originally posted by Avore View Post
                avore on GC
                avore- on OF
                Added you mate ;-)