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  • Epic Quest crashes

    Epic Quest crashes for me every time I shoot the dungeon hole twice to start a fight. Does this happen for anyone else?

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    Ive experienced crashing after finishing a game and trying to go back to the table selection screen. It's kicked me out of the app altogether on several occasions.


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      I haven't had any crashes on an ipad2 or iPhone 4s


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        I have had no crashes on the Epic Quest table on my ipad 1 (after about 10-15 games and battling many dungeon hole monsters). I have had crashes on other tables when receiving an ios notification during gameplay. Have you tried resetting your device by holding the power and home buttons at the same time until you see the apple logo? That helps with crashes sometimes on newly installed apps/updates. Also make sure no other app is running while playing. It is a bit of a resource hog, which tends to use up most of the memory on older devices.


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          I'm using a freshly booted ipad2. I don't think this is a resource management issue. I don't experience any slowdown at any other point in the game and everything else plays fine. The crash happens every single time I would fight a dungeon monster, including when I turn off the dot matrix display and arcade effects.

          I'm very frustrated.

          It could be a corrupt install, so I would try reinstalling, but I have also never been able to connect to OpenFeint (another horrible bug I'm experiencing; no one on this forum addressed it when I asked about it earlier). I'm worried I will lose my scores if I delete the app. Will my scores be wiped out if I do so?


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            Mine does the exact same thing, so don't think it's a corrupted install. Always the same shot that causes the crash.



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              Same here with my Ipod. Once, I was able to quick tap into a battle with the first monster, but the next shot in the dungeon hole shut down Zen and opened another app. Very frustrating! This would otherwise be an incredible table.


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                I'm really tired of this crash!

                THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I saw the update when I was finally bitting the bullet and going in for a reinstall! So far I've been in and out of the dungeon hole several times without any glitches (knock, knock,knock). Now the only problem I'm having is at the end of games there can be a rather long lag (minutes) between the table image and the end score page.
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