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  • Request for save game feature

    The ability to save a pinball game is a bit antithetical to the true pinball experience. However, I have had a quite a few marathon games crash on me after resuming the game after pausing it. If I am playing a game that goes over 30 minutes, I usually will take a break to stretch, get a drink, bite to eat, etc. My iPad will usually go into "sleep" mode during this time. When I come back to the game, I "slide to unlock" my ipad and sometimes my game will crash here. Other times, after unlocking it will bring me back to the pause screen on the zen app. The app seems to act sluggishly here with inputs not registering or registering slowly. When I press the play button to resume my game it will sometimes crash immediately, or sometimes I notice it will crash immediately after the popup stating that I am logged back into game center. But other times the game resumes fine or maybe with a temporary slight drop in framerate.

    I am not sure if the console versions have a save feature or how prone games are to crashing, but this would be a very welcome feature on iOS. Maybe some kind of auto-save after pausing the game so you don't lose your entire progress if the app crashes on you. The worst thing about the crashing is I only take breaks after playing for quite some time. This usually means I have a pretty good score going. When it crashes, I want to throw my iPad across the room. Please save my iPad from that grievous fate and give her that save feature. Thanks.

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    I'll make sure the team sees your suggestion, thank you!


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      I also think that Zen Pinball needs this feature !


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        A save game feature is badly needed. My f4 game just crashed on me. Had to answer the phone, when i came back and unlocked my ipad and the zen app crashed on me. I was on ball 2 with an extra ball, both kickbacks and a nz ball save activated, only the doom mission remaining, and a score over 200 million which would have put 3rd on the leaderboards. It felt like someone kicked in me in the gut. This is completely ridiculous. Consoles have an auto-save. Zen, figure it out.


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          i feel your pain, but noone gets close to my hard luck story on Epic Quest. Battery died right after I got a 5% battery warning and before I got it on the charger. It's in the iOS EQ thread, but I was close to level 100 (98, I think) with 600M on ball 1b, so that would have been the all-time number one score easy, due to the score doubling at level 100.


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            One more supporting this!


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              I hope this won't get lost in an iOS thread, but since there is not a separate forum for iOS and Mac there is nothing I can do about it. The MAC version also needs a save game feature as well.