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Mac: Unable to play any tables as trials

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  • Mac: Unable to play any tables as trials

    Problem description

    When first launching Zen Pinball 2 v1.0 for Mac OS X, a dialog states that "Zen Pinball 2 lets you play all tables as trials before you purchase them." However, this does not appear to be the case; there appears to be no way to play any unpurchased table as a trial.

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Launch Zen Pinball 2 v1.0 on the Mac for the first time. The game displays a dialog stating that "Zen Pinball 2 lets you play all tables as trials before you purchase them."
      Play all tables as trials.jpg
    2. Click OK to dismiss the dialog.
    3. On the screen for "My Collection", click on any grey icon representing an unpurchased table, or use the arrows keys to highlight it. The grey icon enlarges.
    4. Click the enlarged grey icon again, or press the [return] key. An in-game dialog appears saying "Please wait...", followed by a second dialog asking you to "Confirm Your In-App Purchase".
      Confirm Your In-App Purchase.jpg
    5. Click "Cancel". The game screen disappears, revealing the desktop and any other unhidden application windows.
    6. [Command-tab] back to Zen Pinball 2. You are still on the screen for "My Collection".

    There appears to be no way to play any trial, nor to see any demo, nor even to see a picture of any unpurchased table.


    Zen Pinball 2 v1.0
    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4
    iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2010)
    ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB

    P.S. Otherwise, I must say I'm very impressed by Zen Pinball 2 and Sorcerer's Lair (and I judge computer pinball simulations by the high standards of polish and gameplay set by LittleWing and Cunning Developments). I'd hate to see your Mac sales suffer from an inability of users to demo your tables!
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    I noticed the same thing. When clicking a table you have not purchased, it does not let you demo the table. It takes you straight to the confirm purchase screen. I think an Zen Pinball 2 FAQ for the Mac would be nice because the feature set is so different than the ps3.

    Hopefully they are already working on game center integration with Mountain Lion, which is rumored to be released tomorrow. From what I have read, it is supposed to be more than just leaderboards. Game center is supposed to also allow multiplayer challenges between game center "friends" and random opponents. It is also supposed allow developers the option for cross platform support so that a user with a Mac version of the game can challenge someone with an iphone or ipad version of the game, and vice versa (similar to PS3 and vita). I am hopeful for multiplayer in the near future but I am more pessimistic about cross platform play. For starters, they would have to match up the availability of tables across the iOS and Mac platform. As of today, the only table that is available for both platforms is Sorcerer's Lair. I haven't heard much about cross platform play for game center so I don't know how much effort Apple is putting into it. However, in general, the differences between OS X and iOS are getting blurrier all the time. Hopefully, game center will become the Xbox Live or PSN for OS X and iOS.