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Problems with iPhone HDMI adpater

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  • Problems with iPhone HDMI adpater

    Seen as how the PC version of Pinball FX 2 is only on Windows 8 (?!), I decided to try out Zen Pinball on the iPhone (4S), and purchased the Apple HDMI adapter so it can be plaed on a big LED screen. However I've encountered a couple of problems which make it less than a pleasant experience.

    Firstly, the when rotating the iPhone to play horizontally, the image on the big screen flips, but the viewable area is still only limited to the original portrait contraints (huge black borders left and right of the image), and isn't the right way up (image goes sideways).

    Secondly, there is a delay between the iPhone and the HDMI screen, which pretty much renders the game unplayable unless you're looking at the iPhone and not the big screen, which is pointless.

    Please try to fix these issues (or release PFX2 on Windows 7).