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Paranormal bugs on iOS

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  • Paranormal bugs on iOS

    1) Loading screen shows Capt America table.
    2) if you use view 2 in landscape orientation, the camera does not pan down on the lower part of the table when you need use the lowest left flipper to hit the spinner or three spot targets.
    3) The magna save is button is completely worthless. a) It is really small on retina displays. b) it is located in an area where i normally hit the screen to activate the right flipper so it is easy to accidently engage the magna save. c) after using the magna save, the button does not disappear and acts like a dead zone. And because the button is located in an area where i normally press to activate the right flipper, i often hit the dead button on accident and it does not engage the right flipper and the ball ends up rolling right down the right flipper and draining.
    4) The worst bug on the table: when the ball gets ejected from the right bermuda triangle sinkhole, there is about a 25-50% chance that the ball will be ejected into the right outlane and drain. The ball getting ejected into the right outlane also occurs on the ps3 version, but never drains and is instead diverted to the right inlane. However, either the layout of the right outlane is different in the iOS version, or the ball physics are significantly different, or the metal gate (like the bug that plagued the black widow ramp on the avengers table) is bugged in such a way that whenever the ball goes down the right outlane the ball usually drains instead of getting diverted back to the right flipper. This is a game breaking bug in my opinion because that right sinkhole is hard to avoid. It is just to the left the main ramp and is easy to accidently hit the sinkhole. On the Tesla table, i can at least avoid the center sinkhole which ejects the ball sdtm .
    5) You can only see the top of the plunger when launching the ball making it impossible to accurately judge plunger strength.
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    I've had problems with #4 as well....
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      The top table mini game I think may be buggy. Every target hit, top loop completed, hit the UFO previously and no chance of lighting the top right finisher. Just scored 100m on first ball and had umpteen attempts at it. Anyone get it yet?


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        Thanks guys! Adding to my report


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          Any news on a bug patch coming?


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            I hope there is one soon, at least for #4....all my best games end due to this happening multiple times in a game.
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              I was just stopping by to report this stuff too. The game really needs a retina display touch up! Even when I have all the time in the world to get ready for the magna save, I still can't hit it most of the time, because the check mark is so tiny compared to my human thumb.

              And though it is not exclusive to Paranormal, I would add that the nudge controls on the iOS version are a little wonky. It is fairly easy to nudge and have the screen flip because the accelerometer thinks you've turned the iPad over. If I go into options and lock it in landscape or portrait mode, as opposed to auto, it should really disable the screen flip too, but that is not the case.

              Loving the iPad version, though, in general. The game has never looked better than it does on the retina display. Can't wait to see the Star Wars tables.


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                I'm glad to see the fit matrix bug was fixed! It fits the whole box now!

                Still missing all the special effects though, and I still can't see the plunger. Any chance those will get fixed?


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                  Still broken...

                  Plunger is still broken. Captain America splash screen still displays. Game crashes a couple of minutes into the action. (No other tables do, just this one, reliably). 99 cents...not complaining. It's unplayable, but not complaining. Zen does too much right to complain. Any other company, I'd be pretty upset. Would appreciate a fix though...I have scores to post!!


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                    I'll complain. It's not enough to make me hate the company or anything, but I paid a dollar for this table and I expect that it measure up to other dollar tables (Tesla, for instance. Great table). I've noticed that the game speed is choppier here than on any of the other tables. It also tends to crash about one out of five times, but I'm using the original iPad. But please do fix the plunger view, the choppiness, the Captain America loading screen (I mean, seriously!) and that right outlane. It would be much appreciated!


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                      Yea there really is no excuse not to fix the Captain American splash screen by the next update. I have never had a problem with the table crashing though, are you guys using the iPad?


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                        paranormal fc to homescreen

                        please fix the paranormal pinball

                        when i install it , the app fc to home screen and i can't start it up again it keeps fc to home screen

                        ipad 2 jailbroken latest ios
                        latest zen pinball 1.10

                        but when i use ifile and remove the paranormal file from the dir
                        then the app starts up again ,and i can play again
                        till i install the paranormal then it fc the app and goes to homescreen

                        so please fix

                        edit: to let you known i purchased the app and tablets (because i like it)
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                          I have the same problem with Paranormal crashing my IOS.

                          I was excited new tables were released yesterday but I wasn't able to purchase or play any of them due to Paranormal crashing my app.

                          In fact, I can now only play about four tables total. I deleted ZenPinball and re-downloaded the app from the cloud. When I re-download the tables everything is fine until Paranormal downloads. As soon as Paranormal downloads and hits 100%, the app crashes and is permanently disabled until I delete the app all over again. I repeated this about four times before I gave up.

                          I cannot selectively choose to skip over paranormal, so therefore I can't re-download the other tables I've paid to play or purchase new tables. I can only play the tables that download prior to when the paranormal download attempt kicks-in. If paranormal ever reaches 100%, the app must be reinstalled and then the loop is repeated.

                          Unless this is fixed I will never be able to purchase new tables and if other paranormal owners are impacted by this, it's a really bad bug to have.

                          I'm using an iPad 2 for this installation.


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                            Originally posted by Daivos
                            I cannot selectively choose to skip over paranormal, so therefore I can't re-download the other tables I've paid to play or purchase new tables. I can only play the tables that download prior to when the paranormal download attempt kicks-in. If paranormal ever reaches 100%, the app must be reinstalled and then the loop is repeated.
                            Just stop the automatic download when it gets to the Paranormal table. Your other purchased tables can be downloaded one-by-one, just click on the "Buy Now" button and if you already own the table it will begin the download.

                            A PITA for sure, but it will get all of the other tables up and running.


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                              Hey everyone!

                              We resolved the issue with the latest update for Zen Pinball on iOS, you'll need to restart the app while being online and it should begin to work correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please let me know if you still have trouble.