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Zen Pinball on iPad 4

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  • surf1der
    That's strange that it is crashing like that. I wonder if it is a memory issue. Try closing all your other open apps by double clicking the home button or doing an upward 4 finger swipe. This will bring you to the multitask bar. Tap and hold on one of the icons in the multitask bar until it jiggles. Then hit the little x to manually close all open apps. Or you could reboot your iPad by holding down the home and power buttons together until you see the apple logo. Then try buying the tables you want.

    Unfortunately, you can't buy any of the tables as packs. They are all individual purchases.

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  • doppler1919
    started a topic Zen Pinball on iPad 4

    Zen Pinball on iPad 4


    I try to access the store in Zen Pinball, on the iPad 4, with the newest version of Zen Pinball. I type my password in, and it goes back to the main screen. It doesn't give an error message, no store front, just nothing.

    I really want to spend some money, but I want to try to buy them as packs and not individual tables.