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Star Wars available for ZP and ZP2 on iOS and Mac

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  • Solitude
    Standalone on iOS should show up sometime today.

    And yes, bandwidth is the issue.

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  • surf1der
    started a topic Star Wars available for ZP and ZP2 on iOS and Mac

    Star Wars available for ZP and ZP2 on iOS and Mac

    First let me say, I believe Zen's servers are getting hammered with requests right now. Not only are the forums crawling at a snail's pace, but it took me several tries just to download Episode V for the mac. I timed out a couple times and got a 303 error. It took about 10 minutes to download that 1 table.

    In regards to ZP for iOS, the game updated smoothly. I haven't tried downloading any of the SW tables because I think I want to try the standalone app first. Barbie, is the standalone app supposed to be available today? I keep doing app store searches for star wars pinball but I am not getting any results. I am very happy to say that the DMD and UI buttons have finally been optimized for retina iPads. Thank you Zen!

    In regards to ZP2 for the mac, the app update went smoothly for me. After I updated the app I had to restore my previous purchases which also went smoothly. After I updated the app, I did not see any of the new SW tables. I had to open and quit the game a couple of times before the SW tables finally were populated in the main menu. I had to click the episode v table a couple of times before I was actually able to purchase the table. A dialogue box that said "Waiting..." kept popping up but nothing happened. After about 5 tries I was finally able to purchase it. But like I mentined above it downloaded very slowly. It was stuck at 0% for awhile and the download timed out a couple times. If you have difficulty keep trying or try downloading a little later when the servers aren't getting hammered. No global leaderboards yet. Also, I am hopping to get gamepad support soon or at least allow us to map the left and right nudge to the "z" and "/" keys, respectively.