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    This may not be a bug per se, but it is annoying and I have lost a few balls even though I know how to avoid it. The problem occurs on the Phoenix in Peril mission when you get to the last part where you hit the final drop target which reveals the hidden sinkhole. To complete this mission you must lock at least one ball in the sinkhole. If you sink both balls you light extra ball.

    So when the hidden sinkhole is revealed and you have both your balls, if you hit a ball in the outlane and then immediately sink the second ball in the sinkhole before the first ball drains, you will complete the mission but when that first ball eventually drains it counts as a drained ball. Essentially the ball that you lock is considered an inactive ball and when you drain the first ball it ends your turn. I think this was a poor design choice because I stupidly think, oh no, one of balls is draining in an outlane but I only need to lock one ball to complete the mission so I should shoot my remaining ball into the sinkhole before the other ball actually drains. Then the ball drains and my turn ends. I think the ball that you lock should remain an active ball so that this does not happen.

    Because the Magnetic Frenzy mission is almost identical to the Phoenix in Peril mission, it just requires more hits on the spot targets before the drop target is revealed, this problem may also occur on this mission as well. Though I don't recall if I have have ever experienced it on the Magnetic Frenzy mission.
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