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Mac app store asks me to log in every time I start up Pinball FX2, but no purchases

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  • Mac app store asks me to log in every time I start up Pinball FX2, but no purchases

    EVery time I start up Zen Pinball, the Mac App store asks me to log in.. which is annoying enough, and if someone knows how to disable that so I can just play a game, I'd appreciate it.
    If I DO want to buy a table however, half the time I get "Please wait" after selecting a table, for , well, ever. Sometimes after a minute it asks if I want to complete a purchase, and all goes well then.
    I have not been able to find a way to make it work consistentyly, and because there's only one left that's any good (most of the good ones are only on windows or console, Mac is only Marvel and star warts.. no offense, marvel fans, but a whole bunch of superheros flapping their arms around while I play does squat for me)
    so 1) anyone know how to cosistently purchase tables ion the mac without rebooting, logging in and out, and pushing every available setting until the please wait" billboard goes away and lets me complete the tansaction..
    2) since there's no tables left, after this, I don't want to constantly be prodded to sign in to mac app store every time I start up Zen Pinball.. anyone know a fix?
    3) I'd be a lot happier if "Secrets of the Deep", "Biolab", "Pasha", "Rome", "Eldorado", "Thor", "V12", (and that's only the ones I can remember), ever came to the mac. Any chance of this ever happening?

    Thanks..... Doc

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    I should consider myself fortunate. After unsuccessfully trying for an hour to purchase the Moon Knight and Blade tables, I realized I needed the funds for medicine more, as I am seriously ill. The pinball is just a nice distraction from what is otherwise a quite painful existence. I won't bother, and count myself lucky to have the tables I do have.
    I also figured out that to stop the "Please sign in" by Mac App, All I need to is sign out .. apparently it keeps you signed in across reboots. If only Google would do that ;-)
    So consider my issue solved for m now..thank you all..

    Update.. Broke down and went for it.. after successfully accessing the Inapp purchase (took a reboot and an overnight HD cooldown)
    Moon Knight is most definitely worth the effort.. The characters actually *do* stuff, and it is altogether one of the best.
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      Glad you got it working and are enjoying Moon Knight! Let me know if you encounter any other issues