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iOS7 asks to login too often :(

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  • iOS7 asks to login too often :(

    After updating my iPad 3 to iOS 7, Zen Pinball prompted me for my iTunes login as usual to redownload all the tables, which was fine. But even though now I've redownloaded them all, it still often asks me to log in when I launch the app, sometimes even twice in a row.

    It's very annoying.

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    This is an intermittent bug that effects some users. It has happened to me a couple of times. You can try a couple of things to get rid of it. Try restarting your iDevice by holding the home and power buttons until you see the apple logo. Or you can delete ZP app, reinstall it, and then restore your purchases (this is what worked for me but others have said it did not help them). You will not be charged again as long as you use the same iTunes account you used to purchase the app and IAPs. If none of these work, it might help to know that you don't actually have to sign in. Just hit cancel. It will still work fine.


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      Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them in reverse order and see what happens. Alas not entering my password might play havoc with my OCD.