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No high scores except 1 ???

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  • No high scores except 1 ???

    So only 1 score shows which is my gamecenter profile. No matter what initials i put at game over.

    This is annoying since we play this sometimes alone and compete who can get the highest score. But that is impossible when it only updates 1 score which is the gamecenter profile?

    Why is there no options to see local ones?

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    There are local scores not on GC though. Just tap the table you want and swipe left and the first one is local highscores.
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      You can also check the top local scores in game by cradling a ball and just holding it. The status report will pop up on the DMD and it will eventually cycle through the top 10 local scores. Once the status report pops up, use the other flipper to quickly cycle through the info. I find this helpful when I'm trying to beat my high score because I turned off the challenge display option. I don't like the popups when I play.