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Can´t download Star Wars Tables from App-Store

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  • Can´t download Star Wars Tables from App-Store


    my problem: i cannot download the star wars tables from the app-store. the download runs 1-2%, then stopps with the message: time out.

    i have rebootet my system several times, i deleted the app an re-installed it, nothing happend.

    my system is iMac late 2012 running with os x 10.9 maverick.

    has anybody a solution for this problem?

    thx donauwelle

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    Welcome to the forums. There was a recent update to fix iap's for the game. But if you uninstalled and reinstalled the app it should be the updated version. Just to make sure, I would check for updates in the mac app store and then hit the restore purchases button within the zen pinball 2 app. If you have already done that then maybe Barbie, the community manager, can help you out. She regularly checks the forums. Unfortunately, purchasing iaps for the mac version of this game has been notoriously buggy.

    You can also email support at zenstudios dot com.


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      Thanks, surf!

      Donauwelle, if that doesn't help please let me know! :d