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  • iOS mFI controller support

    After player for 30 minutes my hands are exhausted from holding my ipad, there's a few options for controllers out now and even more on the way. The steel series new controller and the upcoming madkatz xbox style controller will be perfect for ipad. We could even broadcast over to our tvs and play comfortably. I've purchased 20+ tables and have convinced friends and other to give your family of apps a try. But with these new methods of input and the ease of use they could provide, my hands really can't take playing anymore, I can't in good faith buy any more tables or recommend your products until you implement these wonderful features. Please, I really enjoy your games and would love to put more time in them without torturing myself.

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    So I caved and bought another football table, I have such a love for this genre. But, still please it's such a convenient feature you can't ignore. You don't lose anything by not using the touching screen, you can even still use the touch screen to launch or assign them to the pressure pads.


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      Thanks for the suggestions!


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        I'm thinking about getting a Mad Katz iOS controller, and I would love love LOVE to see Zen Pinball supported. Any chance of that happening?

        Also, Merry Christmas!