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  • Iron Man left orbit

    I'm a big fan of the Iron Man table and purchased it once again (first on 3DS, then PS3,) for iOS so I can play on my iPad. It is really gorgeous on my iPad, but the ball behaves a bit differently and makes it very difficult to accomplish missions. Primarily, when shooting the LEFT ORBIT, the spinner seems to slow-down the ball significantly so that only 1 out of 8 to 10 times does it complete the orbit and credit me for the shot. This is very frustrating as so many of the missions require this orbit.

    The benefit of this is that I finally have been able to earn an extra ball on this table after the many tens of hours of play I had on the other platforms. It's always been very rare to get a ball up to the roll-overs and get the multipliers. In fact, I don't think I've ever even seen a multiplier of over 4X on any of the other platforms as the ball flies past from either Left or Right Orbits.

    I'd like the courtesy of a response on whether this is a proper forum to post this kind of issue and whether it's something that can be improved in a patch. I have the Marvel Pinball version of Iron Man on iOS.