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Is a universal Zen login possible?

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  • Is a universal Zen login possible?

    Barbie, this one is for you to take to the dev team.

    A lot of people have wished for a way to transfer tables across platforms or apps. I specifically would like to be able to switch from the main Zen Pinball app and just use the Marvel Pinball app.

    There are other companies out there that use a universal login across devices/systems/etc. to restore purchases. I'm thinking mainly right now of Comixology, and the ability to use their single login across DC, Marvel, IDW, and more. Is that something that could ever be possible?

    I do realize that the tables have different costs on different systems, ($2.99 on the big guns, and $1.99 on mobile) and that is something that would have to be dealt with (either a leveling cost or various versions of access). I just think there has to be a way to tie those purchases to a Zen account rather than just an iTunes or Play Station or whatever account.