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Starfighter Assault Decorated Pilot Achievement

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  • Starfighter Assault Decorated Pilot Achievement

    Is the Decorated Pilot Achievement on the Starfighter Assault table not working? I have had at least 2 games now where I have had over 100 Commendations on my first ball and have not gotten the achievement. The last time I had 158 commendations on my first ball. I even completed the first mission and third mission after getting to 100 on the first ball. Am I missing something with this one that I could be doing wrong or is this thing not working right? My table said 158 on the lower left part of the screen and I did not lose a ball. This is the only table that I do not have any of the achievements on and would want at least one.

    On a side note, is there any way to get the Star Wars: Episode V leaderboard back up? I've noticed that it has been down for awhile.