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    Something funny's happening.

    Update 1.7 is in the App Store. That's what we're all downloading, and that's where the "corrupt data" issue exists. But, there's a hidden update that we can't find until we've downloaded the app and then it crashes. In its crashed/corrupted state, a fix can be found on the App Store.

    Not sure if it's an update, or if it's an app store's way of fixing broken apps.



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      Good News?

      Everything seems to be back to normal and working for me now. All my purchased games have been restored and no more damaged app messages when I quit and restart.

      Although odd things happened when I tried to restore games by clicking on them individually - sometimes I was prompted to log in to the App store and repurchase the game (which I said "No" to), most times I just got the "Please Wait" window which I would finally dismiss after 5 or 10 minutes of waiting, one time it worked and restored a game. I finally used the restore in-app purchases button and cancelled after one game was restored. That worked OK so I clicked it again and let all the remaining games download. I've since played several tables, quit and restarted numerous times and all seems to be working - keeping my fingers crossed...