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  • Graphic issue

    Hi there Zen Studios
    I realy like to know if some little graphical effects from the console platforms-which are missing in the iOS / iPhone Zen Pinball App, are being updated in future udates.
    For instance, some lighting effects, background animations and missing things like the bats flying around the tower in the Blade table, just to name a few.
    Iphones and Ipads on the graphics department, are becoming much more powerfull over the years so i was wandering if the tables are being updated accordingly.
    I would like to know how tables are being converted from the console platforms to iOS / iPhone. Are they easley ported with some tweaking here and there or is it a much more complex process?
    Zen Pinball on Apple's mobile platform is my life time dream came true and Brings me so much joy in my life that i NEVER ever want to be without it!
    Please please keep going on. Hopefully all console tables Eventually will be available on iOS / iPhone.
    Kind regards.
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