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Nudging Inverted?

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  • Nudging Inverted?

    Anyone else feel like the nudging is backwards?

    In Zen pinball on iPad, if I hit the top right corner of the screen it will nudge the table, which I like. Unfortunately I feel like the nudging shifts the table in the wrong direction. If I hit the right side I feel like it should move the table to the left, and if I hit the left side of the table it should move the table to the right. This is how it works in real life so I'm not sure why it is backwards in Zen.
    Zen acts like you are "pulling" the table to the right when you hit the right side!
    Am I missing something here? I looked for an "invert nudge" like Pinball Arcade has, but didn't find the option.
    FYI, The default of the Pinball Arcade is the normal way you'd expect it to be. In TBA you have to turn on invert to make it do the weird Zen "pulling" way.

    Thanks for any answers :-)
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